Logitech collaborates with Apple for wi-fi iPhone charger

Logitech collaborates with Apple for wi-fi iPhone charger


Logitech is set to dive into the wireless charging market with a stand designed together with Apple that tips the iPhone to just the right perspective to observe films whilst the cellphone's battery is crowned up.

The Powered Wireless Charging Stand clearly has the Apple appearance, and has been developed and optimized for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X – though because it's Qi-licensed, it's possible for other Qi-compatible telephones with similar dimensions to squat within the rubber-packing U-formed cradle.

It features temperature regulation to prevent overheating, and it's charging popularity LED sits to the top of the stand, but at the back of the iPhone so the consumer can awareness on what is going on onscreen.

"Powered lives up to the elegance and enjoy of the iPhone, making your wireless charging absolutely seamless and keeping you related whilst you power up," said Logitech's Michele Hermann. "Unlike conventional flat chargers, there's no want for precise alignment – just drop your iPhone inside the cradle and cross. It's a honestly magical revel in, particularly for iPhone X users who can use Face ID with a easy glance."

The Logitech Powered Wireless Charging Stand will move on sale later this month for a advised retail price of US$69.Ninety nine.